June F Carlson, Author
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June Carlson inherited the journals of her mother, Flora Bond Fowler, written
during her mother’s lifetime. Flora recorded some history of her beloved state
and town, as well as a glimpse of family life in a small area of north Georgia.
Written mostly during the 40’s and 50’s it is a treasure trove of history and

There is an index available for view on Amazon with many Elbert County and
Georgia individual names mentioned in this book.  Amazon also provides other
details of this book.

June’s book kept me captivated from beginning to end. I thoroughly enjoyed
reading about the average day to day life in rural Georgia. These are the details that
get left out of history books…but should be included! Times were hard, but the
people were kind and resilient. I would recommend to anyone that loves history –
but especially if you have ties to Georgia. Thank you for sharing your mom’s
writings. I plan to read it again soon.

Julianne Anderson

I think your book is going to be a tremendous asset to historians, both local and
I am finding the book quite charming!

Gerda Creelman

I love to read and especially enjoy books filled with family history.   In reading June
Carlson's book of memoirs I enjoyed sweet memories of family.  I also learned so
much about small town living reading this book.  There was so much love of
neighbors, family and others. Families have struggles but you read about how they
addressed and worked together through whatever needs they may have.   Sometimes
losses become lessons of what you are capable of doing.  You may lose a job but you
pick up and move on.  This was a story of living, of love, of survival and was told so
well through memories.   I have read the book twice and will read many times in the
future I am certain.  Each time I learn more about our history and our family.

              Susan Dill